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My dryer doesn't work as well as it used to.

Decreased Dryer Efficiency?

There are many reasons for a reduction in dryer efficiency, but not all of them require replacement dryer parts. One of the simplest causes can be found in your lint trap. Many assume that lint is only found in the trap. Lint can also get into your dryer's vent ducts.

You will need to pull the dryer out from the wall, disconnect the pipe or vent hose, then clean out both the hose and the connection to the dryer.

Remove all the lint, then be sure to replace the hose and secure it. Try a load of laundry and see if this solution fixes your efficiency problems. If not, you may have a faulty heating element or other issue that needs troubleshooting. Replacement dryer parts will be necessary for problems like a burned out heating element or a bad thermostat.

Why do my clothes come out of the dryer torn?

Why Are My Clothes Torn?

If your clothing is damaged when it comes out of the dryer, you should replace the front and rear seals. The replacement dryer parts you will need for this job keep your clothes from getting into a gap between the dryer's drum and the front wall of the machine. Your Kitchenaid part, GE dryer parts or other brand require you to remove the dryer drum before you can install the new seals. Be sure to scrape off as much of the old glue as you can before installing the new seals, and use a sealant to get the new dryer parts stuck down tightly.

Why doesn't my dryer turn?

My Dryer Won't Turn

You've checked the circuit box to make sure the circuit breaker hasn't tripped, and you've made sure the unit is plugged in. Still can't get the dryer to run? Listen to hear if the motor is running. If it runs, but the dryer drum doesn't turn, the dryer part you need is a new drum belt. You will need to remove the top, take out the inside screws. Take out the old, broken belt. To put the new belt on, gently move the belt over the drum from the front and put around idler and motor drive pulley from behind. Check your owner manual for the exact configuration of your machine. Remember to buy GE dryer parts for a GE dryer, Maytag dryer parts for a Maytag unit, and so on.

Why are my clothes getting warm but not dry?

Heating Element Replacement

If your clothes are getting warm but not dry, you may have a defective heating element. Replacing this may be a simple matter depending on your do-it-yourself skill, but finding the parts you need is more challenging. How old is your dryer? What model? Specific models require specific parts. Kenmore dryer parts, for example, mount in different parts of the dryer depending on the age of the model. Dryers made until 1994, for example, have a heating element that mounts on the rear of the dryer. Newer models have the heating element mounted on the front right side inside the dryer's heat box. Frigidaire dryer parts are radically different than the Kenmore versions, and you will find GE dryer parts have their own unique configurations. You will definitely have to order brand-specific dryer parts. Check your manual and learn the layout of your dryer before starting repairs.

Why are my clothes so hot coming out of the dryer?

My Clothes Are Too Hot

A bad dryer thermostat can fail in such a way that the heat is "stuck" on and won't turn off no matter what setting you put on the dryer. This is a dangerous condition as a dryer can overheat and create a fire hazard. You will need replacement dryer parts, namely a replacement thermostat. Use the same brand that corresponds to your dryer, whether you need Kenmore dryer parts, GE dryer parts, Maytag dryer parts, and etc. Dryers have more than one thermostat, but fortunately many models have them grouped together. These dryer parts are often located in the vent line, under your lint trap or on the housing of the blower. If you don't feel like testing them all with an ohmmeter, there is nothing wrong with replacing them all and see what happens.

Do I need to replace my dryer vent system?

Do I Need To Replace My Vent System?

Sometimes cleaning the vent system isn't enough, and a new dryer part is a much better option. Replacement dryer parts for the vent system should be used if your old vents are flexible, plastic or foil. For maximum efficiency, your GE dryer parts, Maytag dryer parts, etc, should be made of rigid metal ducting, about four inches in diameter. Use as few "elbows" or bends in the pipe as possible and don't allow the duct system to be bent or crushed. No matter what brand your dryer parts may be, following these instructions will increase the efficiency of your dryer and improve the life of the machine.

Nothing happens when I push the start button

My Dryer Won't Start

If you push the dryer start button and nothing happens, you could have a faulty start switch. To check this Maytag dryer part (or your corresponding model) take the screws out of the control panel, and lift off the cover. Some dryers have "endcap" assemblies that must be removed before you can remove the cover. You will find wires connected to the start switch, remove these. You will need to test the start switch with an ohmmeter. If the switch comes up bad, you can replace it with the proper Ktichenaid part, GE dryer part, etc. If you want to order a dryer part, you can find a wide range of online dryer parts vendors, or you can search directly for the manufacturer of your dryer via Google and order from the source.

Why won't my door close properly?

My Dryer Door Won't Close!

One set of dryer parts that wear out is the dryer latch assembly. This consists of a catch and a latching prong. Whether you have a need to buy Maytag dryer parts, Frigidaire dryer parts, or some other brand, the latch assembly comes in either metal or plastic and is very inexpensive to buy. You may well as why you can't just velcro the door shut or some other type of improvised solution, but if the dryer door won't close properly, the machine won't turn on. Order the dryer parts in the form of a kit from any online dryer parts vendor, and replace the old, worn out assembly.

Why does my heating element keep going bad?

Why Does My Heating Element Keep Going Bad?

Did you know your lint trap can make the heating element burn out? This is a problem that can be easily solved once you understand why the element overheats, raises your electric bill, and eventually burns out. People who use dryer sheets wind up with a buildup of dryer sheet film on their lint trap. It doesn't matter if you have a machine with Kenmore dryer parts, Kitchenaid replacement parts, or Fridigaire dryer parts, this film will build up over time and eventually contribute to the overheating of the heat element. The film is practically invisible, but it is there. It's also easily cleaned off with soap and water. Some repair experts say to do this at least every six months, if not earlier. You could double the life of your dryer with a simple soap scrub of the lint trap!

What should I know about repairing gas dryers?

Important Dryer Repair Safety Issues

Some dryers are electric, and can be simple to repair, but others are gas powered and have a unique set of safety issues. Frigidaire dryer parts, Kenmore dryer parts, and all other brands come with the same safety warnings. Heed them in addition to the information given here and you should have a smooth repair job! 1. If you have problems with a gas dryer, it is very important to first check for gas leaks to minimize your risk of fire, explosions, or prolonged exposure to gas vapor. Always turn off the gas before attempting a repair even if you have confirmed there are no leaks. Electrical components have the potential to form a spark upon disconnect which will ignite the gas. 2. Never attempt to repair a faulty gas valve. This is a "replace-only" dryer part, and attempts to rig the valve may result in fires or explosions once the gas is on. 3. As with any appliance that uses or generates electricity, always wear rubber soled shoes, avoid puddles of water, and grip only the insulated ends of your tools.

Why won't my dryer start?

My Dryer Won't Start And My Start Switch Is Fine

If your dryer won't start, but the start switch is not the problem, pull the dryer away from the wall and check the power cord and plug. If the cord is frayed, burned, or otherwise worn out, you will need to replace it with the appropriate Kenmore dryer part, Kitchenaid replacement part, etc.

Some people get concerned when they see a burned power cord. The source of a burned cord can include a short circuit against the dryer housing. The burned cord is a fire hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible. Remember to get replacement dryer parts for both the power cord and the "terminal block" that provides the connection from the power cord to the dryer itself.

My laundry room gets very warm and humid when the dryer runs. Why?

My Laundry Room Gets Hot And Humid When The Dryer Runs

If your laundry room is heating up too much when the dryer is operating, the culprit is usually a vent hose that has slipped off the dryer. It may be as simple as reattaching the hose, or you may have to replace a worn-out model. If the hose is attached, but has holes, you should definitely purchase a replacement dryer part and swap out the old hose for a new one.

If you aren't getting the heat issue, but notice that it takes a very long time to dry your clothes, check the hose to make sure it isn't bent or kinked. This will block proper airflow and cause the dryer to work less efficiently. You won't need dryer parts to fix this problem, simply straighten out the hose!

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