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Steve The Repair Guy

Twitter: @SteveRepairGuy

Steve the Repair Guy, an expert with Part Select, provides videos and tips at no cost to you. You can find DIY projects to do around the house and learn why recalled appliance parts matter.

Twitter: @RepairClinic

Repair Clinic also has a website where it posts thousands of free videos that can teach you how to fix your appliances as well as other equipment. Best yet, the Twitter emphasizes a DIY approach.

Ace Hardware

Twitter: @AceHardware

The home store Ace Hardware tweets often about DIY projects and repairs of all sorts, including appliances. You can also enter contests, win freebies, save money, and learn organization tips.

Twitter: @PartSelect

Part Select retails parts for a large variety of products. They also maintain this account to provide advice and even contests. Learn how to troubleshoot a warm freezer here.

Busy Household

Twitter: @BusyHousehold

Busy Household knows how crazy your home life can be with a family to provide for. Here you can read parenting advice, how to dole out chores, and how to manage your appliances along the way.


Twitter: @KitchenAidUSA

The popular brand Kitchen Aid posts here. They offer direct advice in the case of a broken appliance from the brand.

The Money Pit

Twitter: @moneypit

The Money Pit, a radio show featuring Leslie Segrete and Tom Kraeutler, posts here about making the most out of your home. You can learn about how important appliance warranties are here.


Twitter: @PorchDotCom

Porch, both the website and the Twitter account, can help you change your home and your life. You can get DIY advice and repair tips for appliances and other broken items around the house.

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