My Dryer Won't Start

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Nothing happens when I push the start button

My Dryer Won't Start

If you push the dryer start button and nothing happens, you could have a faulty start switch. To check this Maytag dryer part (or your corresponding model) take the screws out of the control panel, and lift off the cover. Some dryers have "endcap" assemblies that must be removed before you can remove the cover. You will find wires connected to the start switch, remove these. You will need to test the start switch with an ohmmeter. If the switch comes up bad, you can replace it with the proper Ktichenaid part, GE dryer part, etc. If you want to order a dryer part, you can find a wide range of online dryer parts vendors, or you can search directly for the manufacturer of your dryer via Google and order from the source.



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