My Dryer Won't Turn

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Why doesn't my dryer turn?

My Dryer Won't Turn

You've checked the circuit box to make sure the circuit breaker hasn't tripped, and you've made sure the unit is plugged in. Still can't get the dryer to run? Listen to hear if the motor is running. If it runs, but the dryer drum doesn't turn, the dryer part you need is a new drum belt. You will need to remove the top, take out the inside screws. Take out the old, broken belt. To put the new belt on, gently move the belt over the drum from the front and put around idler and motor drive pulley from behind. Check your owner manual for the exact configuration of your machine. Remember to buy GE dryer parts for a GE dryer, Maytag dryer parts for a Maytag unit, and so on.



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