Important Dryer Repair Safety Issues

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What should I know about repairing gas dryers?

Important Dryer Repair Safety Issues

Some dryers are electric, and can be simple to repair, but others are gas powered and have a unique set of safety issues. Frigidaire dryer parts, Kenmore dryer parts, and all other brands come with the same safety warnings. Heed them in addition to the information given here and you should have a smooth repair job! 1. If you have problems with a gas dryer, it is very important to first check for gas leaks to minimize your risk of fire, explosions, or prolonged exposure to gas vapor. Always turn off the gas before attempting a repair even if you have confirmed there are no leaks. Electrical components have the potential to form a spark upon disconnect which will ignite the gas. 2. Never attempt to repair a faulty gas valve. This is a "replace-only" dryer part, and attempts to rig the valve may result in fires or explosions once the gas is on. 3. As with any appliance that uses or generates electricity, always wear rubber soled shoes, avoid puddles of water, and grip only the insulated ends of your tools.



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