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Top 4 Appliance Repair Apps for a Quick Fix

Your washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher or even toaster and coffee maker all work wonderfully, until the day that they don't. Appliance apps on your smartphone can give you tips on how to make minor repairs as well as resources for bigger problems. Here are four great ones.

1. Appliance Repairs on Android or iPhone

The App Institute put together this free program so that you can find what's broken, make minor repairs with video tutorials, and request assistance for bigger fixes through a trained team. There are no cons to this app.

2. iFixit: Repair Manual on Android or iPhone

This Dozuki app allows anyone to go in and edit the manual to add more useful information. You can also add your own repair experiences to help others going through the same issue. Other features include helpful pictures and step-by-step instructions.

3. Appliance Troubleshooter on Android or iPhone

This program from Bill Postans is intended to save you money through simple DIY repairs. You can scroll through basic appliances, select the one that's broken, and get fixing tips. The only con is that it doesn't diagnose issues.

4. House Repair Talk on Android or iPhone

This informational app by GCS Publishing, Inc. features video tutorials and articles about taking care of repairs that go beyond appliances to encompass the entire home. The only con is that you may find it somewhat limiting since it's more about facts than guides.

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