My Laundry Room Gets Hot And Humid When The Dryer Runs

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My laundry room gets very warm and humid when the dryer runs. Why?

My Laundry Room Gets Hot And Humid When The Dryer Runs

If your laundry room is heating up too much when the dryer is operating, the culprit is usually a vent hose that has slipped off the dryer. It may be as simple as reattaching the hose, or you may have to replace a worn-out model. If the hose is attached, but has holes, you should definitely purchase a replacement dryer part and swap out the old hose for a new one.

If you aren't getting the heat issue, but notice that it takes a very long time to dry your clothes, check the hose to make sure it isn't bent or kinked. This will block proper airflow and cause the dryer to work less efficiently. You won't need dryer parts to fix this problem, simply straighten out the hose!



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