Why Does My Heating Element Keep Going Bad?

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Why does my heating element keep going bad?

Why Does My Heating Element Keep Going Bad?

Did you know your lint trap can make the heating element burn out? This is a problem that can be easily solved once you understand why the element overheats, raises your electric bill, and eventually burns out. People who use dryer sheets wind up with a buildup of dryer sheet film on their lint trap. It doesn't matter if you have a machine with Kenmore dryer parts, Kitchenaid replacement parts, or Fridigaire dryer parts, this film will build up over time and eventually contribute to the overheating of the heat element. The film is practically invisible, but it is there. It's also easily cleaned off with soap and water. Some repair experts say to do this at least every six months, if not earlier. You could double the life of your dryer with a simple soap scrub of the lint trap!



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