Heating Element Replacement

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Why are my clothes getting warm but not dry?

Heating Element Replacement

If your clothes are getting warm but not dry, you may have a defective heating element. Replacing this may be a simple matter depending on your do-it-yourself skill, but finding the parts you need is more challenging. How old is your dryer? What model? Specific models require specific parts. Kenmore dryer parts, for example, mount in different parts of the dryer depending on the age of the model. Dryers made until 1994, for example, have a heating element that mounts on the rear of the dryer. Newer models have the heating element mounted on the front right side inside the dryer's heat box. Frigidaire dryer parts are radically different than the Kenmore versions, and you will find GE dryer parts have their own unique configurations. You will definitely have to order brand-specific dryer parts. Check your manual and learn the layout of your dryer before starting repairs.



9/24/2007 10:32:12 PM
Theresa C. said:

My dryer is not drying.


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