Washing Machine Won't Churn And The Lid Switch Is Fine?

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Why won't my washer churn or agitate?

Washing Machine Won't Churn And The Lid Switch Is Fine?

If you have tested your lid switch and found it is fine, you may have a defective drive belt. This washing machine part is found on older models and can slip, break or wear out. Once this happens, the machine won't churn or agitate any more. You will need to open the back panel of the washing machine and look for the belt. If you cannot locate this washer part, check in and around the machine, the belt may have broken and fallen into the works someplace. Replacing this washing machine part means fitting it over a transmission pulley and then a motor pulley. Consult your owner manual to learn which is which. You may need to tilt your machine on the side to do the work. Don't try this alone, as washing machines are far too heavy to safely tip by yourself. Whether you have Maytag washer parts, Kenmore washer parts or some other brands, if you don't have help, don't attempt the repair. As always, disconnect the power before doing any repair work, and be prepared for some water spillage if you must tip the machine. You will need to be mindful of this spilled water once you go to reconnect the power to your unit.



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