My Washer Won't Turn

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Why won't my washer turn?

My Washer Won't Turn

If you load the washer with clothes, start it, and get water but no churning action, you may need to check your lid switch. This is a washing machine part that tells the machine that the door is closed and allows the washing cycle to begin. With the lid open, water would slosh or fly out of the machine. The lid switch prevents this.

If you need this new Kenmore part (or other brand) in your washer, you will need to disconnect the washer from the wall socket, and test the lid switch with an ohmmeter. Some models let you do this directly on the switch, and other brands of this washing machine part require you to test at the wiring harness.

Some lid switches also have a fuse. Inspect or test this to see if it has gone bad.
If you need to replace this Whirlpool washing machine part, get your washing machine model number and have it ready when placing your order.



4/16/2007 11:42:45 AM
Dennis said:

is the lid switch NO and when the lid is closed the machine should work?
My only other guesses are the cap has gone bad again or the timer is bad.


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