My Washing Machine Goes Out Of Balance Too Often

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Why does my washing machine go out of balance so much?

My Washing Machine Goes Out Of Balance Too Often

Washing machine parts need a level surface to operate properly. If your machine is uneven, you may find that the unbalanced load function kicks in more often. Balance the washing machine, check it with a bubble level to make sure it is resting evenly, and see how this affects your unbalanced load problem. Washing machine movement can also send the unit out of balance. If your machine is "traveling" across the floor as it works, it can trip the unbalanced load feature. You will need to better anchor or brace your machine. GE washer parts, Whirlpool washing machine parts, and other brand names all have different quirks and tolerances. Some loads may work fine in some machines, but unbalance others. If you have replaced your washing machine lately, you may find that some large, bulky loads don't work as well in the new unit.



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