Drainage Tube Blocked?

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I think my drain tube is blocked!

Drainage Tube Blocked?

A self-defrosting refrigerator drains the water from the defrost cycle into a tube which empties into the drain pan at the bottom of the fridge. From there, the water usually evaporates. A blocked drain hose can be a source of water puddles. You won't need replacement refrigerator parts to fix this, simply clean out the tube and the drain hole and things should get back to normal. Another source of water? Some units are equipped with a refrigerator part to keep water from forming on the doors. Heating elements are used to evaporate the water, but these are turned off if you put the fridge into energy saver mode. Take the unit out of energy saver mode and see what happens. If your water problem clears up, you've found the problem, no purchase or installation refrigerator parts needed.



2/16/2007 9:10:05 AM
Tom O said:

how do I get to the drain tube to clear the plug.???

9/26/2007 12:14:57 PM
Jim Cochran said:

The drain tube on my Whirlpool refrig is not securely connected to the drain pan. This causes water to collect and freeze on the freezer floor and eventually freeze the drain tube. Water then drips into the lower compartment. Do you have any ideas how to reconnect this tube? Is there a flange tube part one might buy to incert between the drain pan and the tube?


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