My Fridge Rattles

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Why does my fridge rattle?

My Fridge Rattles

A noisy fridge can have several different causes, some part of normal operation of your refrigerator parts. Rattling is one of the more suspect noises, but the annoyance factor is often higher than the fix-it-quick factor. Rattling can be caused by a Sub Zero, Amana or other refrigerator part called the condenser fan. If the blades on the fan are dirty, this can make the fan rattle as it spins. You should also double check and slightly adjust the drain pan. This refrigerator part can rattle and hum if it is in just the wrong place. A minor adjustment should correct the noise problem if indeed that is the source of the sounds. The defrost timer has a motor that can develop a noise problem, but unfortunately the only way to silence the motor is to replace it. Unless you absolutely can't stand the sound this refrigerator part makes, you're better off waiting til it goes bad before pulling it out of the fridge.



7/28/2006 11:48:16 AM
Jean said:

This was the first time I found anything helpful related to this problem. I have a 2-yr old (young) Amana frig with freezer on btm. Since the day it arrived it had what started as an intermittent minor rattling sound, which became progressively worse ... more frequent, louder and lasting longer. We have a service contract but Maytag has not been able to fix the problem, although they have replaced many parts. From paperwork it does not apear they have checked out the things mentioned in this TIP. Today the situation escalated with service rep #4 came, stayed less than 5 minutes (of course didn't hear noise during that time!), said nothing could be done (no noise), and left! Being a consumer not to be so easily dismissed I currently have a call into Maytag and expecting to hear back from one of their "lead" technicians early next week. Time will tell. Will post when problem resolved!

7/7/2007 6:43:56 PM
Milan Ettel said:

We do have Fisher & Paykel fridge top bottom freezer. Rattling sounds like mechanical, but nothing touching.It repeating in uneven intervals.If you open door it stop. What is the coarse is for me pazel. Any ideas.

7/11/2007 11:47:04 AM
Jane said:

I have had exactly the same problem with my Amana refrigerator, freezer on the bottom. It is less than two years old and has a intermittent rattling sound and is rather annoying. I have had two Maytag repair guys out and they either couldn't hear it (it's an intermittent sound) or didn't know what to do. Did you ever get yours fixed, Jean?

9/24/2011 12:45:36 PM
Penny said:

My fridge is driving me mad - it's only 3 days old, what can I do?

4/23/2015 11:16:40 AM
Ashley said:

I just moved into a new place, and the fridge makes the weirdest clanking noise. It does it every few hours or so, there is no real pattern to it. It's almost like a musical sound, it has a very specific sound that it makes every time. I can't decide if it's just really old, and that it's just trying to stay alive, or if something is broken in it.


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