There Is Water On The Floor By My Fridge

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Do I have a refrigerant leak? There is water on the floor near the fridge.

There Is Water On The Floor By My Fridge

Amana refrigerator parts, Sub Zero parts and other refrigerator parts function with the help of refrigerant that keeps the system cool. If the cooling system is compromised a leak can occur. Some people notice water forming on the floor near the fridge and mistake this for a coolant or refrigerant leak. Fortunately, this is not the case. If you are seeing water near the fridge, check the refrigerator part called the drain pan. This is located at the bottom of the fridge behind the grillwork. The pan should be drained and cleaned at least once every year. Chances are, you haven't checked or cleaned the drain pan in quite some time.



11/9/2006 6:37:29 AM
Wayneh said:

Water on the floor is NOT a function of the method of refridgeration it is a function of condensation forming where it shouldn't or water not being properly routed to the drain pan. The first two sentences (Amana. . . occur.) should be deleted. Now if the explanation told how to locate and clean the drain . . . THAT would be helpful. Don't tell me that it is broken because it is not working. Duh!
Also, get rid of gutless/nebulous /empty/ political/MadisonAvenue words like "compromised" or "issues" (gag me with a spoon Rocky) - if you mean broken say broken. Who is this being written for? Who is the audience? If you are writing this for the advertisers you will get far fewer clicks. If it is being written by people who have marketing backgrounds, I think the people looking for technical info will be short changed. Hey, but what do I know, I was just one of the readers.


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