My Oven Clock No Longer Works

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Why does my clock no longer work?

My Oven Clock No Longer Works

It may seem like a trivial complaint, but many people rely on their oven clocks when baking or cooking, and want to fix them when they go bad. This range/oven part fix varies greatly from unit to unit. For people with electronic or LED display, this problem is unfortunately not very user-friendly. You'll need to consult a professional, and are probably better off with an electric timer.

For those with older models, burned wires that supply power to the clock can be easily fixed, but if this timekeeping range/oven part itself is bad, you will need to replace the whole clock. Again, it is cheaper and easier just to buy a kitchen timer!

For those who have electronic displays, a flashing or constant error code may be misinterpreted as a malfunctioning clock. Make sure you get the interpretation of the error code right away, as some codes signal critical repairs are needed. Don't ignore an error code on your digital clock!



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