How Dangerous Is A Microwave Capacitor?

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How dangerous is a microwave capacitor?

How Dangerous Is A Microwave Capacitor?

When repairing a microwave and replacing microwave parts with General Electric microwave parts or Sharp microwave parts, you may wonder about the safety factor. Many do-it-yourself websites warn against trying to repair a microwave without proper training and expertise. The reasons for this are many, but one of the biggies is the microwave part known as the high voltage capacitor. This microwave part can store a potentially lethal dose of electricity. It must be discharged properly to avoid a dangerous incident. There are far too many instances of accidental electrocutions to list here, but one in particular bears mentioning. A man was attempting to work with the speaker cable on his television set, when his face came in contact with a metallic part of the set. He was killed instantly because his body completed an electrical circuit between the seemingly harmless speaker wire and the television. It is extremely important to respect the power of electricity when dealing with a high voltage unit such as a microwave. If you are uncertain in any way as to how to proceed with a repair or replacement of a microwave part, do not attempt the job yourself. Put safety first!



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