What Can Go Wrong With A Microwave Oven?

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What can go wrong with my microwave that I can do something about?

What Can Go Wrong With A Microwave Oven?

There are a wide variety of things that can go wrong with a microwave oven. Here is a small list of issues that are potentially serviceable with replacement microwave parts: 1. When pushing the start button, you hear a click, and the unit goes dead. 2. The unit cooks for a bit, makes a popping sound, then goes dead. 3. Uneven cooking or heating. 4. An electrical arc inside the unit. 5. Sparks flying out the back of the unit. 6. Oven doesn't start cooking. If any of these symptoms occur, it is possible to fix them with the proper replacement microwave parts. As always, use only the rated and approved replacement parts for that unit. A General Electric microwave should get GE microwave parts, etc. Remember your safety precautions and be sure to disconnect the unit from the wall socket before doing any replacement microwave parts installation.



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