I've Made My Repairs, How Long Do I Have To Wait?

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How long must I wait for new ice once the repairs are done?

I've Made My Repairs, How Long Do I Have To Wait?

Once you have installed your ice maker parts, turned the water valve back on and made sure your freezer has been plugged back in to the wall socket, you will need to give your new ice maker parts a chance to work properly. This means allowing enough time for the water to move through the system, freeze, and be ejected as ice cubes into the ice tray. You could need to give the ice maker as much as two hours before you know whether you diagnosed the problem correctly. It's a good idea to do these repairs and replacement of ice maker parts on a day when you can hang around for the entire length of time it may take to make a new batch of ice. Doing so helps you recover from potential leaks and other problems that can arise from either a misdiagnosed problem or an incorrect installation or the ice maker parts that were replaced.



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