Why Isn't There Any Ice?

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Why isn't there any ice?

Why Isn't There Any Ice?

There are two basic reasons why you may not be getting ice from your machine. Among the Whirlpool ice maker parts that your machine is built out of, there is an easily accessible part called the shutoff arm, which controls the amount of ice being made. This simple device is a plastic or metal bar--the one you always see when you open up the freezer to get ice.

When your Kitchenaid ice maker parts are working properly, the arm raises as the ice is made, then lowers again to start another cycle. When the arm can't lower because there is plenty of ice, the maker should shut off.

Sometimes the arm gets stuck in the up position, so the ice maker thinks there are plenty of cubes. If this is the case, simply lower the arm again and wait for the machine to make more ice.

You should also make sure that your freezer is on a good, cold setting. A too-warm freezer will result in a poorly functioning ice maker.

If you still have problems making ice, check your Kenmore ice maker parts--your water tubes may have ice in them. If so, carefully unclog them and try again.



1/10/2007 9:26:37 AM
Michael Smith said:

Your comments for trouble shooting the whirlpool ice maker were helpful. I have a whirlpool icemaker and the shut-off arm is stuck in the off position, and will not go down. I have tried to push it down but it will not move. It is stuck. Do you have any suggestions?

9/13/2009 9:34:59 PM
Bonnie said:

The shutoff arm actual came out. I do not know if it is broke and needs to be replaced. Please advice and how to fit it back. Thanks


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