How Do I Flush My Supply Line?

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How do I flush my supply line?

How Do I Flush My Supply Line?

If you need to flush your water supply line, first turn off your freezer. If you have installed Kenmore ice maker parts before, you already know why it's important to turn off and disconnect the freezer, but first timers should know that there is an electrical hazard as long as the machine is plugged in. Never mix your repairs and replacement of Whirlpool ice maker parts and a "live" freezer. Once you have the unit disconnected, disconnect the water line from your sink to the water inlet valve on the ice maker. Flush this one first, using soap and water. Flush with pure water until you no longer see soap bubbles, then repeat the pure water flush again just in case. These ice maker parts should be free of all soap residues before reattaching the lines and sending water to the ice maker again. Next, do the same thing with the water line going from the inlet valve to the freezer. Once you have the lines replaced, make sure they are not leaking and then reconnect the freezer, and do another batch of ice.



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