My Dishes Aren't Drying

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What do I do if my dishes aren't drying?

My Dishes Aren't Drying

If your dishes are not drying properly, you most likely have a defective heating element. You can remove the element on a General Electric appliance, (or any other make and model) and replace it, by following these simple steps: 1. Your heating element, located at the bottom of the washer, may have a cover. If so, remove it after disconnecting the power cord from the wall socket. 2. Find where the heating element terminals go, and you will see that wires connect the element. Label each wire, then disconnect the wires from the element. 3. Do not yank on the wire itself to disconnect it, instead disconnect the wire by grasping the connector. 4. Replace the heating element with an identical make and model, if possible. If you are using Bosch dishwasher parts, for example, continue to use these when you replace the parts. You may have to unscrew locking nuts and rescrew them when replacing the element. You will need a pair of pliers to do this, so make sure they are handy when you start the job.



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