Icy Air Conditioner Part Two

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I changed my filter and still get ice on my air conditioner

Icy Air Conditioner Part Two

If you have changed filters on your Amana air conditioner or other model, and are still getting ice on the evaporator coils, you need to check for a refrigerant leak. Changing refrigerant should be left to the pros because of environmental and calibration concerns, but checking for refrigerant leaks is a simple process. No appliance parts and service calls required!

You should check the fittings to the evaporator coils to make sure they are tight. Then take soap and water solution and put it on the coils and look for bubbles. If you see bubbling on the coils, you have located a refrigerant leak! At this stage, you will need the help of a professional who can fix your leak problem and refill your refrigerant.



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