I Have Flashing Lights On My Washer Display

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What do the flashing lights on my washer mean?

I Have Flashing Lights On My Washer Display

When washer parts go bad on modern versions of Kenmore dryers and washers, you may not have to crack open the machine to learn what's wrong. When Whirlpool and other brand washing machine parts malfunction, they often display error codes in the form of flashing lights on the washer's control panel where the start buttons are located. Error codes are designed to tell trained professionals which washing machine parts to test and replace. Unfortunately these codes are not always explained in your user manual. The good news is there are many online forums, which have the key to these codes, and you can find them easily by Google searching for phrases that include your model washer. Try searching for "GE error code" or "GE washer parts error code". If you can't find your make and model's list, try browsing a washing machine parts repair forum. There are many online resources for you to find repair manuals and listings of these codes.



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