My Washer Doesn't Work At All

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Why won't my washer work?

My Washer Doesn't Work At All

If you turn on your washer and nothing at all happens, it's best to troubleshoot this problem with the most obvious and work your way down to the small washer part inspection. You may find the obvious problems are the more frequent culprits here. 1. Make sure you haven't tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse. 2. Inspect the washing machine plug. Is it burned, frayed, or damaged? Washing machine parts need electricity to work! 3. Make sure the wall socket itself is getting current and has not gone bad. 4. Check the start switch. Has it gone bad? 5. Check these washing machine parts: water level switch, lid switch, water inlet valve, water pump. The water pump can be tricky, as some are not designed for user maintenance at all. If this is the case, the best you can do is inspect the pump ports for blockages. Anything can cause a blockage including old bits of laundry such as socks. This washer part needs to be free of obstructions to work properly, but another culprit in a worn out washer pump is eroded or worn pump blades. The blades are worn out, they won't move water properly.



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