Why Does The Washer Drain As It Is Filling?

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What causes the washer to drain even as it is filling?

Why Does The Washer Drain As It Is Filling?

Is water draining out of your washing machine even as it is filling up? If so, you may not need to inspect any of your Maytag washer parts, or Kenmore appliance parts. Instead, first check the position of your hose. This washing machine part needs a specific elevation in order to work properly. If your drain hose is not at least as high as the washing machine's tub, the washer can drain as it fills up. 38 inches is a good rule of thumb for a height requirement for this washer part. Make sure the hose clears the top of the washing machine's tub and you should have no problem. If the draining persists, you may have to do some detective work on your Whirlpool or GE washing machine parts. Inspect your drain control lever and drain control coils. If these washer parts are faulty, replace them.



8/12/2006 5:31:01 PM
Bill said:

Is there a limit on how high the drain hose can be. I have a washer in the basement but need to put the drain in an outlet 7 1/2 feet high due to sewer system problems.


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