Water Drips Into My Washer When It Is Not On

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Why does water drip into my washer when it's not on?

Water Drips Into My Washer When It Is Not On

If you have water dripping into your washing machine when it's not running, you may have a bad water inlet valve. This is what the hoses to the washing machine attach to at the back of the washer. To check this washer part:

1. Disconnect the hoses from the washing machine.

2. Turn on the faucets to clear any blockages in the hoses.

3. Inspect the filter screens on the water inlet valve. This washing machine part may have some debris built up that interferes with proper operation. Be very careful with the screens, as they aren't replaceable.

4. Open the washer and find the coil shaped solenoids. You will need to test them with an ohmmeter or multitester. If these washer parts are bad they should be replaced.

5. The water inlet valve may have failed mechanically instead of electronically. Replace this washing machine part if none of the above seems to work and you still have water dripping into the washer.



1/1/2008 9:35:01 AM
Michelle Royce said:

This tip helped us figure out exactly what was wrong with our washer. This is an excellent website and I will use it again in the future. Water was dripping into the machine even when off. The solenoid was bad and needed to be replaced. Thanks for the help!!!!

12/15/2011 1:13:09 AM
Jim Morris said:

So what ohmmeter reading should you get if water inlet valve is bad.


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