My Washing Machine Doesn't Fill Up Properly

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Why doesn't my washing machine fill up properly?

My Washing Machine Doesn't Fill Up Properly

Washing machine parts include something called the water level switch or pressure switch. This washer part helps the machine determine how much water to allow into the washing tub or chamber. If the switch goes bad, your washer can under fill, or worse yet, overfill and flood your laundry room. The water level switch mechanism includes a plastic tube that should be free of water. Check for water, kinks, cracks, and breaks. This tube is connected from the bottom of the outer tub to the bottom of the switch. A loose tube can create problems similar to the kinked or otherwise compromised washer part. The water level switch has three electrical connections that will need to be tested with an ohmmeter or multitester. If the unit is faulty, you should replace the water level switch. As always, before you begin work on this Kenmore part or other brand, disconnect power to the unit.



12/19/2008 7:34:44 PM
barbara said:

i have a wirlpool washer it will noy fill up with water does this mean the switch is bad?let me know where its located on a wirlpool if you can thanks so much barbara


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