What Is An Interlock Switch?

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What is an interlock switch?

What Is An Interlock Switch?

One piece of standard equipment on a fridge is the interlock switch. This Amana refrigerator part, GE refrigerator part, or other brand is designed to keep certain things from happening when your refrigerator door is open. Your ice machine, for example, won't eject ice cubes when the door is open. Once the fridge is closed, the door depresses the interlock switch and those things happen as they normally do. At some point you may need to replace the interlock switch. If ice cubes are being kicked out onto the floor when the door is open, or other unusual activity you didn't notice before when the door was open, you will need to locate the switch and replace it with a new one. This refrigerator part is simple enough to find, as it is either near or located with the door's light switch. You will need to remove any screws, gently pull the switch out and remove the connectors with the power to the fridge disconnected. You may need a pair of pliers to do this. If you aren't sure whether the switch itself is bad, test it with an ohmmeter. If this Whirlpool refrigerator part is bad, you can order a replacement online and install it once it arrives. In the meantime, you may have to put up with falling ice cubes and other symptoms until the part shows up. If one of your symptomatic problems is the fridge door not working, don't forget to check the light bulb itself. It may need replacing along with the interlock switch



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