Why Is My Freezer Is Hot?

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Why is my freezer hot?

Why Is My Freezer Is Hot?

A hot freezer is usually a symptom of a defective defrost timer. This refrigerator part will need to be replaced, but before trying to pull the defrost timer, check another refrigerator part to make sure it isn't the real cause of the problem. Ice makers can get stuck in their cycles, too. Double check to make sure the ice maker is working properly.

If it is stuck in something called the harvest cycle, where the ice is released into the ice tray or container. Ice makers use a heated element to partially melt the ice enough to send it to the ice tray. If the maker is stuck in this cycle it can heat up your freezer compartment. You may need to reset or replace the ice maker depending on the severity of the malfunctioning refrigerator parts connected to the ice maker problem.



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