Sweaty Fridge? Water In The Crisper Area?

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Why does my fridge sweat?

Sweaty Fridge? Water In The Crisper Area?

If you have a sweaty fridge, or are finding water in your crisper area, you should examine the door of your fridge. Take a good look at the refrigerator part called the door gasket. This is the rubber that forms the seal, which holds in the cold air and allows your food to keep from spoiling. A worn, damaged, unstuck or otherwise faulty seal is not a good thing. It should be replaced immediately.

To properly install this refrigerator part, you will need to buy the seal, and inspect it for wrinkles, bends, and other kinks that could prevent you from getting a tight seal on the door once the gasket is installed. If you find wrinkles or kinks, put your new door gasket in the clothes dryer on a medium setting for about ten minutes.

To install this dryer part, you will need to clear off the shelves of your refrigerator, and loosen the retaining screws that hold the old gasket in place. Once that is done you must remove the entire gasket and replace it with the new one.

Once you have the new gasket installed, you can use a lubricant like silicone to reduce the squeaking noises your new gasket will make. You should notice an end to the excess water buildup in and on your fridge.



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