My Refrigerator Is Buzzing And Gurgling. Why?

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What causes those noises from my fridge?

My Refrigerator Is Buzzing And Gurgling. Why?

Refrigerator parts often make noises when they are operating normally. Most of the time, we tune out these sounds, but some Amana refrigerator parts, Whirlpool refrigerator parts, etc. make more noticeable sounds than others. Here's a list of some of the more common causes: 1. Buzzing is often caused by a fridge resting on a floor that isn't level. The drip pan is often the source of the noise. 2. Pops and crackles are often heard when the fridge goes through a defrost cycle. The refrigerator parts may contract and expand a bit. 3. Bubbling noises and gurgles are the sounds of your refrigerator coolant during normal activity. 4. Clicking is often heard as mechanical defrost timers go in or out of a defrost cycle. There's no need to inspect your Sub Zero parts, or Frigidaire refrigerator parts when you hear these noises. They are just the usual sounds made by a "healthy" fridge.



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