My Oven No Longer Self-Cleans. Why?

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Why won't my oven self-clean?

My Oven No Longer Self-Cleans. Why?

An oven has certain safety features on it much like a microwave. Thermador parts, GE range/oven parts and the like are all designed to perform safe self-cleaning, which means not engaging in this high-temperature operation unless the door is properly latched. If you have a bent, broken, or misaligned door latch, the self-cleaning unit will not operate. This safety feature connected with this range/oven part involves making a small electrical connection when the latch is closed, telling the oven that it is "safe" to operate in self-cleaning mode. Check the latch on your range/oven. If it is bent you may be able to straighten it with a pair of pliers, but make certain there is no power to the unit. You may need to replace this range/oven part, but inspect the latch connection switch before settling on this diagnosis. You may have a bad switch instead.



3/20/2007 9:19:02 PM
Jean said:

But, how can I clean my oven since it no longer works as self-clean?


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