My Electric Range Won't Bake

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Why won't my range/oven bake?

My Electric Range Won't Bake

Many things can cause baking problems in electric ovens, and an inspection of the heat elements is the first thing you should do. If you see any holes, scorched patches, or other obvious damage you will most likely need to replace the heat element. This range/oven part is fairly simple to replace. It is connected to the terminal by wires, which need to be disconnected before the element can be removed. Look up the replacement range/oven part right for your model online and order, or call your local parts depot and you can probably install same-day.

Remember to disconnect the power to your unit before trying to install range/oven replacement parts and you should have no trouble. Remember to check the bake element and the broiler element if your unit has both. You may need to replace one or both of them if the unit is older.



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