How Long Can I Expect My Range/Oven Parts To Last?

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How long will my range parts last?

How Long Can I Expect My Range/Oven Parts To Last?

The average range/oven part can last as long as six years. Thermador parts, Jennair parts, and other brands can last even longer if problems are diagnosed correctly. Sometimes the only thing wrong with range/oven parts is that they are dirty and are no longer making good contacts, or allowing gas to flow in the case of a gas oven. Heating elements in electric stoves are an excellent example. This range/oven part needs a bit of simple cleaning to insure it has a strong connection with the electrical system of the range. If the contacts are too dirty, the electricity won't reach the heat element and give it the power needed to heat up. All appliances that cook food have these types of issues with dirt. A regular cleaning schedule can save you downtime down the road.



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