My Gas Range/oven Won't Bake

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Why won't my gas oven bake?

My Gas Range/oven Won't Bake

If your gas oven isn't baking, you need to check the bake igniter, located on the oven burner on most models. This gas/range part should glow during normal operation. If you don't see it glow, chances are you need to replace it. Before ordering, take the oven out of automatic mode and put it into manual and check again. You may find that the igniter works fine in this mode.

If the igniter gives a red glow, this range/oven part is weak and again should be replaced with a new range/oven part. There are other causes for this problem, make sure you know you have range/oven parts in good repair including the gas safety valve and the thermostat before settling on the bake igniter as the culprit.



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