My Gas Burner Won't Work

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Why won't my gas burner ignite? The pilot light is on!

My Gas Burner Won't Work

When you turn on the burners on your gas range, a "no flame" situation is usually blamed on the pilot light. Ever try to relight the pilot light only to discover it is already lit? People are often confused when they replace the top and try to start the range again only to get a lack of ignition once more. Do you need Magic Chef replacement parts? Jennair parts? Not if the problem is a blocked or dirty burner. This can prevent the gas from igniting. Scrub your burners, let them dry, and try igniting again. If you get flame, you have successfully diagnosed and repaired the problem, no additional range/oven parts needed! Be sure to also check for air blowing from a fan, air conditioner, or open window, which may be blowing out the pilot light in some instances.



8/30/2009 9:37:02 AM
dan said:

pilot light is not igniting only with a match


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