Fixing Your Rage Or Oven

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What safety issues should I be aware of when repairing an oven?

Fixing Your Rage Or Oven

Depending on the job, repairing your oven with replacement range/oven parts can range in difficulty from quick fix to major repair effort. No matter how much time you need to invest, remember that a range or oven is an electrical appliance and must be turned off by being disconnected from the wall socket or at the circuit breaker.

Gas ovens create additional safety issues. Shut off the gas and work in a well-ventilated area. You may need to operate an electric fan with open windows to properly ventilate for safety. Do not attempt to install gas range/oven parts without turning off the gas. Range/oven parts installation often involves placing metal against metal, which may create sparks and other conditions that can ignite gas.



8/15/2006 6:40:30 PM
JB said:

You can fix my "Rage" too? Because the drugs don't work!

9/22/2009 4:54:13 PM
Steven Biami said:

where would I locate the igniter in a maytag oven


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