My microwave popped and died. What happened?

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Why did my microwave pop and die?

My microwave popped and died. What happened?

There are microwaves that will develop a popping noise, then go dead because of a short circuit problem. If you have a unit susceptible to this, you may need to get a replacement microwave part called a high voltage capacitor. You will need to short across the old capacitor with a screwdriver with an insulated handle to maximize safety. Place the screwdriver across both terminals of the old capacitor. It's best to wear rubber gloves when doing this as an extra precaution. The replacement part can be ordered for under 20 dollars in many cases. When doing repairs such as these, make sure you find your make and model's specs, use GE microwave parts. If you own a GE microwave, follow the instructions to the letter, and do not skimp on the microwave parts!



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