What You Should Know About Microwave Repair

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Will I void my warranty by attempting some repairs on my microwave?

What You Should Know About Microwave Repair

Much unlike other appliance repair, a great deal of the work done on microwave ovens including replacing defective microwave parts is recommended only for a trained professional. There are many reasons for this including a hazard with improper testing, de-installation, and diagnosing a faulty part or section of the oven. The act of cracking open a microwave oven, in most cases, voids the warranty unless done by a trained professional. You should know that many consumer repairs on these machines will result in you having to assume full responsibility for the cost of repairs should anything go wrong in future operation of the machine. Read your owner manual carefully, and only use replacement microwave parts approved for use in your particular oven. If you have a GE microwave, only use General Electric microwave parts. Don't try to cut corners or skimp on areas of the repair--follow the recommendations to the letter for maximum safety.



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