Mircowave Repair Safety

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What must I do to make my repairs safe?

Mircowave Repair Safety

GE microwave parts, Sharp microwave parts, and other brands may require you to open your microwave and access the internal workings of the unit. If so, you must follow very specific precautions to avoid being electrocuted by accumulated electricity in the capacitors of the unit. 1. Unplug the unit. This is a critical first step. Do not proceed without unplugging the unit or electrocution will occur. 2. Make sure you are wearing rubber soled shoes, and preferably some rubber gloves. 3. Get a large screwdriver with an insulated handle. You will need to touch the non-insulated end of the screwdriver to the microwave's capacitor(s) across both terminals. This will discharge any remaining electricity in the capacitors and make a safer work environment. 4. Repeat step three just to be certain all power has been discharged from the capacitors. Microwave parts may be simple to replace once you have accomplished these steps, but if you are unsure about how to safely repair or install microwave parts; it is much better to leave the job to a pro. If you know where to find a capacitor or what it looks like, you are most likely at least competent enough to diagnose your microwave problem.



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