I Need Help Ordering Ice Maker Parts

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Where is the model number for my ice maker?

I Need Help Ordering Ice Maker Parts

The first issue many people encounter when trying to order the right ice maker parts is finding the model number for their ice maker. If you are ordering Kenmore ice maker parts, you'll need to order from a website that sells Kenmore parts, the same goes for Whirlpool ice maker parts, etc. Free standing ice makers often put a label with the model number on the frame of the ice maker. Open the door and look or a white label, an aluminum tag, or some other marking with the model number inscribed on it. Ice makers that come as part of a refrigerator/freezer unit don't have a separate number. Use the model number for the fridge itself when ordering ice maker parts. When you are putting in orders online, make sure you have read the label properly. Some people can misread the number "1" as a lower case "L", and there are other common errors. Write down exactly what you see on the label and use that to order. If there are dashes or spaces between the numbers or letters, be sure to include them when you type the number in for ice maker parts ordering purposes.



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