My Ice Cubes Are Stuck

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Why won't my ice cubes eject into the ice bin?

My Ice Cubes Are Stuck

If your ice maker is not ejecting the cubes properly, you should take a look at the ejector gear assembly. There are basically two kinds of ice makers; one version gives you access to all the replaceable or repairable ice maker parts. The other is what is known as a "module" ice maker. This type has all the parts grouped together in a unit. If you have this version, the ice maker parts you need to inspect can't be inspected or repaired. You can watch to see if the ice cube ejector blades are trying to work; if they don't, you will need to replace the whole control module. If you have the other type of ice maker, you can inspect your Kenmore icemaker parts, Frigidaire ice maker, etc. Look for a small box configuration with gears. The gears should not be worn or have teeth missing. If they are too worn, are cracked or are missing teeth, the gears should be replaced. Be careful when removing the gears. Some have fasteners that hold them in place; others simply sit on the shaft. Once you have the bad gear taken off, put the replacement ice maker gear part on and make sure the fit is good. Then try another batch of ice. The cubes should eject once more. If it doesn't work the first time, check the gears to make sure they are properly installed and try again.



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