The Ice Maker Thermostat

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Can I repair a digital thermostat?

The Ice Maker Thermostat

Many do-it-yourself repair people are eager to try to fix everything on the fridge, freezer, and ice maker. The ice maker thermostat can indeed be diagnosed and replaced, this is one of those ice maker parts easily tested with an ohmmeter, and repair or replace it if the ice maker part is bad. There is, however, once exception. If your Kitchenaid ice maker parts depend on a digital thermostat, you cannot repair it. It must be replaced.

The good news is, once you have gotten familiar with the thermostat in your ice machine, doing similar repairs and replacements is a breeze. Thermostats are common in many household appliances. The biggest challenge you'll find is locating and disconnecting the thermostat.



12/16/2007 11:38:53 AM
BJS said:

Who writes this crap??? There is no such thing as a "digital" thermostat! Kitchen Aid ice makers are no different than any Whirlpool, Roper, Estate, Maytag, Magic Chef, Amana, and even some SubZero ice makers. There are also some ice makers where the thermostat within the ice maker has nothing to do with the cycling of the ice maker. Thermostats are not easily tested with an ohm meter, either. You must do it quickly or the thermostat condition will change with temperature rise, thus rendering your test worthless. You people need to do a little more checking into who you accept information from before someone gets injured or even killed. Giving incomplete information is just as deadly as giving wrong information. Think about it.


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