Checking Your Water Inlet Valve

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How do I check my water inlet valve?

Checking Your Water Inlet Valve

A filter screen on a water inlet valve is a Whirlpool ice maker part that can get dirty, block the flow of water and interfere with the operation of your ice maker. You can check the screen and test the inlet valve with an ohmmeter to see if it needs replacing. This Kitchenaid ice maker part is at the bottom part of the fridge in the rear. Shut off your freezer, and the water supply valve. The inlet valve has wires connecting it to the fridge. Disconnect them. There is a filter screen where the supply hose attaches to the inlet valve. Check and clean this ice maker part. If you find a lot of debris or other kinds of obstruction, this may well be your culprit. No additional ice maker parts will be necessary. If you still aren't sure this was your problem, you can test the inlet valve with an ohmmeter to see if the electrical portion has failed, but this Kitchenaid ice maker part can also go bad in a mechanical way. You may get a good reading on the meter, but still need to replace the valve if it has become mechanically defective. If your troubleshooting has exhausted all the other possibilities, replace the water inlet valve.



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