My Ice Tastes Bad, What Can I Do?

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What can I do if my ice tastes bad?

My Ice Tastes Bad, What Can I Do?

If the ice coming from your Frigidaire ice maker tastes bad, you may be able to save yourself an investment in ice maker parts by doing a few simple steps: 1. Remove any old food in the freezer. If you've been storing something for too long, it may affect the quality of your ice. 2. Completely wash out the freezer. 3. Finally, scrub out the ice bin. Now try running another batch of ice and see if the taste improves. If not, you may need to unplug the freezer, and flush out or replace the supply line. You should also do this if your ice comes out discolored. Ice maker parts that transport water should always be "food grade" parts. Don't buy ice maker parts like water tubes or hoses that don't have this rating.



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