Repairing On A Budget?

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Where can I find good, cheap used parts?

Repairing On A Budget?

If you have a very limited budget for dishwasher replacement parts, you may not need to buy a brand new general electric motor or Frigidaire dishwasher parts when used ones will do the same job. If you know of someone who has an old machine and is willing to part with some of the innards, you can try installing the used-but-still functional parts in your machine. Barring that, a trip to the local junkyard may be a good idea. You can cannibalize parts in some yards in the same way people do with old cars and trucks. Some places charge by the part, others charge by the pound. Know before you start pulling parts! You should also check thrift stores for old models, as well as recycling centers. You could find someone willing to let you remove a small part of the larger machine, if it is going out for scrap or recycling.



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