My Dishwasher Drains Into My Sink

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Why does my dishwasher drain into the sink?

My Dishwasher Drains Into My Sink

If your drainage hose is blocked, you may experience overflow into the kitchen sink. Fortunately, this is another one of those repairs where you don't need Maytag dishwasher parts or other replacement items. A simple cleaning will do, but there is a catch. Many people are content to buy a gallon of cleaner; a 'plumber's friend' type of high powered cleaning agent, and pour it through the hose or into a slow drain-another culprit that can make your dishwasher overflow into the sink. The problem? These chemicals go through drains and hoses too quickly, and in some cases can corrode or damage a hose. Instead you will need to manually clear the blockage or snake out the slow drain. It may be an unpleasant task, but it beats paying for a repair person to come over, suggest General Electric products that may help and hand you the bill.



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