Dishwasher Safety

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How can I safely repair my dishwasher?

Dishwasher Safety

Frigidaire dishwasher parts, Maytag dishwasher parts and other replacement parts come in boxes or bags, safe and dry. The same is not always true of your dishwasher itself. When doing repairs to your machine and installing replacement dishwasher parts, remember that you are dealing with an electrical appliance that holds water. These safety steps will help you complete a job quickly and safely: 1. Unplug the dishwasher. 2. Wear rubber-soled shoes to avoid conducting electricity. 3. Remember that capacitors and other dishwasher parts can store electrical charges even when the unit is unplugged. 4. Wear rubber gloves or safety gloves. 5. Handle all tools only by their insulated ends. 6. Pipes and other metal surfaces conduct electricity. Assume that all metal is "live" when you work. It is much safer this way. 7. Follow all manufacturers' recommendations for tools and replacement parts.



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