Slow Drying? Water Spotting?

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Why are my dishes slow to dry and looking spotty?

Slow Drying? Water Spotting?

If your dishes are slow to dry in your washing machine, and you notice an increase in water spots, you may need an important replacement dishwasher part. A defective drying fan should be replaced as soon as it is found to be faulty.

You will need to:

1. Remove the lower panel beneath the dishwasher door.

2. Locate the fan hood, which can be found in the rear of the dishwasher in many models.

3. Unhook and remove the fan motor, including the two wires that connect it.

4. Check the connectors and terminals. If there is corrosion, dirt, or any other foreign substance, clean it off.

5. Check the motor with an Ohmmeter or multitester. If it fails the test, the motor needs replacing. If it passes, you have most likely fixed the problem by cleaning the dirty contacts, which prevent the dishwasher part from working properly.



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